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5 top tips for choosing your dream wedding venue

5 top tips for choosing your dream wedding venue

1 Days Ago


Can’t decide between a castle and a country house? Is your other half happy to get hitched in a hotel while you’re dreaming of a venue with a difference? Choosing the right venue for your big day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. It’s often the first building block upon which all other plans and decisions are made, so it goes without saying that it’s important to take your time and get it right.

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How to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget

How to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget

3 Days Ago


When it comes to planning your big day, the chances are you want to do whatever you can to create a magical day that reflects your love for one other as a couple. Whether your dream day is big or small, extravagant or understated, every penny counts and the cost can soon mount up. So what can you do to turn your dreams into reality without breaking your wedding budget?

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Argggghh I just got engaged … what on earth do I do next??

Argggghh I just got engaged … what on earth do I do next??

54 Days Ago


So you finally got it together and made things official with your engagement … Congratulations – we’re chuffed for you! But after the emotional roller-coaster of your proposal, followed by the excited calls to friends and family, we wouldn’t be surprised if you are left thoroughly confused on what on earth to do next!

Weddings open up a whole new world that you never knew existed, and things can quickly get a little overwhelming if you don’t have a clear action plan to navigate your way through it all! A lot of your family and friends will have been through it all before and will be able to give you some great support and guidance, but we thought it would be useful to get you off to a flying start by putting together an informative & simple guide on the sorts of things you should be doing to get yourself on the road to wedding success!

We are going to present this in 2 parts, to let you ease into things! So here you go …

PART 1 .. up to a month before my Wedding - what should I be doing!

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Wedding Cakes on a budget

Wedding Cakes on a budget

84 Days Ago


Who knew wedding cakes were so expensive! … I still remember my jaw drop the first time I got a quote for mine … needless to say, it was a small fortune!

Wedding cakes are an important tradition, so it’s always a good idea to have one on your special day. The cake cutting is often one of the most magical parts of a wedding, and is both a crowd-pleaser and happy photo opportunity.

So you need a cake! ... but if you don’t want to have to sell your right arm to finance one, we’ve come up with a few handy tips on how to get a wedding cake on a budget!

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One month & counting till my wedding - HELP!

One month & counting till my wedding - HELP!

137 Days Ago


So you've read our previous article on what to do after getting engaged, and have made it all the way to the 1 month before wedding stage! Well done ... hopefully a lot of the hard work is done, but these final few weeks are where emotions can run high if things aren't kept under control. Remember, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and with a little forward planning, a calm approach and support from your friends and family, you can glide through this month like a pro!

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Tips on picking your dream wedding cake supplier

Tips on picking your dream wedding cake supplier

222 Days Ago


Confused on how and where to order your wedding cake? Not sure how to pick a supplier? Let us help you with a few tips that will get you will on the way to picking your dream wedding cake supplier!

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10 Ceremony Entertainment ideas

10 Ceremony Entertainment ideas

248 Days Ago


The ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of a Wedding day. Because of this it’s usually the most nerve-wracking part, the thing you worry about the most… will you stumble down the aisle? Will you forget what to say? Will you lose the rings? Will the pageboys cause havoc? This is where entertainment comes in as it can really help lighten the mood and atmosphere and set the style and tone for the rest of your day.

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How to deliver a groom’s speech

How to deliver a groom’s speech

275 Days Ago


Getting married soon and nervous about your wedding speech? Been so busy, that the big day is creeping up on you, with little time to prepare or think about it? Well … you're not alone! For many grooms, their wedding speech is the first major public speaking event in their lives and so will naturally be nerve-wracking! In the hectic run-up to a wedding it's often something that get’s left by the wayside …. but fear not … we’ve put together a few thoughts that will hopefully help relieve some of your anxiety, and get you kick-started.

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Social Media & Your Wedding

Social Media & Your Wedding

361 Days Ago


Social media and smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s world and they’ve become a talking point in terms of weddings also. Should you embrace the social media age and what’s the etiquette if you’re not a fan of the digital age of sharing?

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Advice for Choosing an Engagement Ring

Advice for Choosing an Engagement Ring

368 Days Ago


There are few greater moments in life than when you display a gleaming engagement ring in front of the love of your life and they respond with a ‘yes’, so for such a special moment, you’ll want a ring that’s equally special. Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task, but it is becoming increasingly common for both parties in a relationship to be actively involved in the decision-making process, which removes the element of guesswork. Here’s a few things to remember when choosing the ring with which you’re going to propose to your partner.

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