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Seven Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book

Seven Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book

386 Days Ago


Seven Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book

You’ve found the wedding venue you’ve always dreamed of and are about to hand over a sizeable deposit… stop now! Before you go any further there are some essential questions you need to ask if you plan to book live wedding entertainment. Read on to find out what to ask and how to avoid your fairy tale becoming a horror story.

 Are live bands allowed?

Sounds simple, but of all the questions, this is the one that gets taken for granted. If you’ve got your heart set on a live band, then you need to book a venue that allows them to play! There are a variety of reasons why a venue may not permit live bands, but the important thing is that you are aware before you book the venue or hire a wedding band.

Does the venue have any sound restrictions?

Many venues have restrictions on how loud a band can play. It’s important to find out if there are any limits so you can either find a venue that does allow a band to play at full volume or find a band that can play within the set limits. Some venues don’t allow amplification, while others insist on bands using the venue’s own speakers rather than their own.

Does the venue use a sound limiter, and if so, what is the limit and does the limiter cut the power?

A sound limiter is a device used to enforce the decibel limit set by the venue. It’s vital that your band knows what the venue’s limit is and whether the limiter cuts the power if the limit is exceeded. The power cutting out halfway through a performance is embarrassing for the band and guests alike.

Will there be space for the band to set up and perform?

You need to establish whether your band will be given the space they need to set up their equipment. Drum kits, amps and lighting rigs don’t easily squeeze into cramped little corners!

Does the venue have a maximum number of performers allowed?

Similar to the above, it’s a good idea to find out whether your potential venue has a limit on the number of performers that can be accommodated. It’s no good booking a super-impressive big band but being unable to cram them all on the stage!

Does the venue have a curfew?

Imagine the disappointment when you and your guests are just getting into the party spirit and the lights come on two hours early. Apart from stifling your moves on the dance floor, it’s important to be aware of any curfew as it can affect the price you pay for your wedding entertainment.

Are there any other restrictions?

Other restrictions can include anything from a band being obliged to use an electric drum kit to the band only being allocated a single parking space! Chat with your venue and read through the terms and conditions to make sure you aren’t surprised by anything on your wedding day.

There’s no need to be worried by anything we’ve discussed: as long as you find out as much as you can from your venue and communicate any restrictions to your wedding band in advance, you’ll have an awesome evening.

Get in touch with the experts at Entertainment Nation to discuss venue restrictions or any other facet of wedding entertainment hire. Happy wedding planning!