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Tips on picking your dream wedding cake supplier

Tips on picking your dream wedding cake supplier

222 Days Ago


Confused on how and where to order your wedding cake? Not sure how to pick a supplier? Let us help you with a few tips that will get you will on the way to picking your dream wedding cake supplier!

As with everything it’s always a great idea to start with some recommendations of wedding cake makers from friends and family that have had a good experience, but it’s always good to go and see a few different suppliers to find a cake maker that feels just right for you!

1. How much experience do they have making wedding cakes?  It’s sometimes nice to give your local bakery a go at providing your cake, however it’s important to be comfortable that they have sufficient experience with weddings. It’s too much of a risk leaving it to people that aren’t used to the extra complexity of a wedding cake and the pressures of creating a perfect shape in a tight timescale. It’s best to use someone who does this regularly!

2. Do they have pictures of previous cakes? Most wedding cake makers will have an album of photos for you to look at. Cake makers have different styles and capabilities. Checking out their portfolio will help you assess if they can make the type of cake you are after and how creative they can be.  

3. Will they allow you a tasting? It’s pretty difficult to pick a cake from a menu! They all look and sound great, but you have no idea of the most important thing! What will it taste like? Ask if you can have a couple of samples to try their different varieties. Any half decent shop will be more than willing to do this, in fact it should raise suspicions if they don’t want you to try before you buy!

4. Will they deliver and set up the cake? It’s best to outsource as much as you can on the wedding day to leave you and your family free to focus on the important things! Many wedding cake companies will arrange for delivery at a specific time and will also set up the cake. It’s often the centrepiece on the dancefloor at your wedding reception so you want it looking fresh, gorgeous and scrumptious! If they don’t deliver, or you want to save a few pounds and do it yourself, make sure you give someone responsibility to collect it well in time, that there is appropriate cool storage at the venue, and you have an appropriate display table, cake stand, knife etc. to set up yourself.

5. Do you have to return the cake stand, knife and other accessories if they are provided? Whether your cake supplier sets up at your wedding or not, they will often provide the cake stand and a few other items to help display your wedding cake. It is normal for them to request a deposit and ask you to return these items to them in good condition. Make sure you are clear on the arrangements, and how you reclaim your deposit. It’s a good idea to give one of your family or friends responsibility for collecting these items from your wedding venue at the end of the night. It’s very easy to forget them in the early hours of the morning after a drink or 3! Trust me, I have first-hand experience!

6. What do they charge? Wedding cakes come in all sort of shapes, sizes, tiers and complexity so the prices can vary wildly. Go to the shop with a budget in mind, and ask them what options they can provide within your budget. For example, it may well cost you the same to go for a simple show cake that feeds hundreds or a highly complex show cake that is more for the look .. the choice is yours! Do get 2 or 3 quotes from different suppliers, but make sure you are comparing similar cakes.  The average cost of a cake is around £300 however the range is from £100-£1000 depending on many factors!

7. Is the price inclusive of all taxes, VAT and other charges? Make sure you get the all-inclusive price so you can compare suppliers, and there are no hidden surprises.

8. How do they want payment? Often your supplier will require a deposit upfront and then further payment in stages. Be clear on how you need to pay to make sure you do this in time, and they don’t forget your order! Suppliers tend not to forget when payment is due to them, so in all likelihood they will ring you up to chase, but better to be on the front foot to make sure things go smoothly

9. When will they be making the cake? Experienced wedding cake makers will be all over this. There is a balance between making the wedding cake as late as possible to ensure it’s fresh but also leaving enough time to ensure it will be 100% ready, with mistakes corrected and no last minute panic.

Hopefully you now have some sound advice to help you find your dream wedding cake maker! We will be following up with some more articles to help you understand some of the different options open to you for your cake as well as some creative ways of keeping costs down if you are on a tight budget and are looking for a cheap wedding cake … so stay tuned!