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29 Christ Church Lane, Harwood, Bolton, BL2 3QF

I'm going to tell you about our wedding - and it's all completely true.
The cake should have been round and full of roses - it was square and full of old fashioned white lace work icing. We ended up with our third choice best man (who was brilliant and we should have picked in the first place). The van with all the church flowers in was stolen. The reception venue hadn't completed the extension on time and was a building site - then the church burned down the week before our wedding.
I get it - I really get it - you're stressed and there's so much to decide - but what's most important? The food? The drink? The dress? The music? Or the vows you make on the day? Your promises to each other and the ceremony itself?

Late Availability

Please contact me - things change on a daily basis. If you have a last minute emergency and I can help, I will.

Testimonials for Red Rose Ceremonies Testimonials for Red Rose Ceremonies
Julie and Mark

"What a great day - Dot just understood everything that we wanted and made it so relaxed and friendly. There was no stress or pressure, just lots of memories, giggles and enjoying being together as a family. We will remember it for ever - thanks so much Dot for making our special day even more special."

Julie and Mark

Sarah and Sassy

"A beach at sunset, close family & friends, quiet vows, no frills - that was our vision. On the day, it was freezing cold, we had unwanted spectators & we had to shout above the noise of the wind & waves - none of it mattered. It was perfect because of the work that Dot did with us beforehand & even though we were blue at the end (we decided to exchange promises in the sea!), it was still brilliant"

Sarah and Sassy