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12B Caversham Road, London, NW5 2DU

You Do The Shoot..the clue is in the name. Together we will make a
video far better than something a stranger could, and that's the
whole idea in a nutshell... On the big day, your friends and family will be doing the filming...YOU CAN ALSO ADD A PRO CAMERAMAN IF YOU LIKE.
Your friends will capture those wonderful, funny, personal moments only THEY can, with unfettered access and a relaxed environment you gey a true representation of how wonderful the day was...
We supply everything you need and more, courier it to you a few days before the wedding and collect it afterward... Once we get the gear back we edit your amazing footage creating a video that is as unique and personal as you and the day itself... A video that could only be made by you guys, with your friends and family, behind the camera, and our editing skills...Check out our site for some examples and you will see exactly what we mean.....I promise you will be amazed at the difference between our wedding videos and conventional ones.

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