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Asian Weddings

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Welcome to our Asian Wedding Directory! We want to make it really easy for you to find the right Asian wedding suppliers who can guide you through your special day!

Asian weddings are famous for their size and the large number of family and friends that are invited ... so it's extra important that you have the right wedding suppliers who have experienced it all before and can help navigate you through all those events you are going to plan!

Many brides and grooms have said that in looking for a very good Asian wedding supplier have searched on the internet “near me” and found The Bridal File Wedding Directory has excellent Asian Wedding suppliers.

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Asian Wedding Venues

Asian weddings are often grand affairs and quite often need larger wedding venues or a slightly more unique and unusual venue, be that a hotel, an out of town manor house, a community hall, or the ever popular outdoor marquee. While

Asian Wedding Decor

Those big venues need to be decorated! .... We have a whole host of specialist Asian wedding decor companies who can transform your venue beyond your wildest dreams. They can provide a complete package including mandaps, centrepieces, fresh flowers, mood lighting, chair covers and those unique little extras!

Asian Wedding Food

Food is close to most people's heart and is often what will make your event so special. We have a range of highly experiences Asian wedding caterers who know when, how and what your hungry guests will want. They all offer a range of services including an initial food tasting session, advice on creating your menu, full on table service, bar staff, menu cards, desert trolleys and much more.

Asian Wedding Photography and Asian Wedding Videography

There are so many unique and traditional moments in an Asian Wedding including the mother in law trying to pinch the grooms nose, the brides side trying to steal the grooms shoes, the race between the couple to sit first on a chair and the koda kodi games played between the couple to lighten the mood before the bride leaves! All of these moments need to be captured by the photographer and videographer. It helps if they have experience and understand how the day will unfold so that they don't miss these magical moments and capture your natural emotions. Asian weddings normally have large numbers of people and your photographer and videographer can be invaluable by helping to control the crowd for group photos and clearing areas for your couple shots. They should also have the creative vision to identify unique photo opportunities by using their surroundings and the weather conditions on they day to your advantage ... and if there's one thing that's certain, is that you wont be able to predict the weather in England!

Asian Priests

Asian Priests whether they are hindu priests or muslim priests are perhaps the most important selections for your wedding day. Many have different styles and levels of experience and they will guide the mood for the whole event. Not only do they conduct religious and traditional rituals but should create a serene and calm atmosphere to capture the crowds attention and make the main event of the day special for the couple. By it's very nature, weddings are new to most couples and it is understandable that you many not know exactly what you are doing and when! A good priest should be able to seamlessly guide you through the event so you look like and absolute pro to everyone in the crowd!

Asian Wedding DJ's and Entertainers

Asian weddings are lively events and after the wedding ceremony is over, it's time to celebrate and provide yourselves and your guests with some light hearted fun. You might want to use live bands, dancers, magicians, photobooths, chocolate fountains or other entertainment to keep your guests occupied whilst they mingle with family and friends during the pre dinner drinks reception. Once everyone has eaten their main course and had a few drinks, it's time to bring on the DJ! There are a number of experienced Asian wedding DJ's who can play a blend of Asian music and western music to suit your tastes. They can also come in extra handy to create the right mood all the way from your walk-in, through dinner, your first wedding dance and to entice the first few brave guests to come onto the dancefloor and then keep them there!

Asian Fashion

Everyone loves getting dressed up for an Asian weddings and all the other events that surround it. There is such a wide choice of clothing to select from for you and all your guests