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Bridal Wear

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The Bridal File only lists the top bridesmaid dress and wedding dress shops in the UK so you can be confident that you are getting style and quality from our suppliers. We know how important it is for brides-to-be to find the wedding gown of their dreams and to ensure their bride tribe are happy in their dresses - from the tiny flower girls through to the maids of honour. We love to help brides looking for their dream dress for their wedding day and have a great selection of bridal wear shops in the UK on our wedding directory.

Whether you are looking for bridal wear shops near you or looking for those further afield across the UK we’ve got you covered. Many brides and grooms have said that in looking for good wedding venue suppliers they have searched on the internet “near me” and found The Bridal File wedding directory which has excellent wedding suppliers.

From bespoke wedding dress makers to designer shops to off the peg outlets we can help you to find the bridal dresses that you need to fit your budget and style. Here at The Bridal File we aim to take the stress out of wedding planning by doing all the legwork for you so you can sit back and enjoy all the preparations for your Big Day.

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How to Pick a Wedding Dress - Our Top Tips!

Start looking early! Amazing wedding outfits don't magic themselves out of thin air! Give yourself six to nine months if you can! With the infinite number of options, it can take a while to figure out what you really like, and the last thing you want to do is panic and spend all that money on a dress you're not quite sure about because time is running out! Remember it takes an average of eight weeks to tailor a dress and six months to tailor a custom wedding gown - make sure you give yourself plenty of time!

Book your appointment in the morning! That way you start and look fresh, the shop staff are attentive, and everything becomes so much more enjoyable and energetic. When you get there early, you are much more likely to have an assistant who will be bouncing around with cool and creative ideas rather than counting down the minutes till the end of their shift!

Go on a weekday Ok so you lose half a day holiday but its so worth it! You get the undivided attention of your consultant and avoid the weekend rush!

Only bring two to three reliable people with you Yes... we know it's the most important dress you'll buy and all your friends and family want to tag along but its no fun having lots of people offer up their different opinions while you're stood in the middle of a shop wearing a long, flowing wedding gown .. you'll never make a decision! Ideally you want a small number of companions who have your best interests at heart and can be honest about what works and what doesn't. From our experience a combination of your mum, sister and best friend works well!

Try on a few dresses but not too many Most brides try four to eight gowns before making their final decision. Some dresses look stunning on hangers, but try to avoid making hasty judgements as things can look and feel very different on individual bodies! Whilst this means you need to try a a few dresses on, things will get very confusing if you go overboard and start flinging on everything that catches your fancy! Brides can get overwhelmed by the shopping experience and its all to common for 'that special one' to get overlooked in what can become an endless pursuit for more! Trust your instincts ... you will know when you're onto a winner - you will just feel good about yourself .. don't ignore signs like your heart beating faster or your mum staring at you with that proud teary-eyed look conveying how gorgeous you look!>