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It’s fair to say there aren’t too many occasions as auspicious as the day when a loving couple tie the knot and if brides and grooms want to capture the very essence of the big day, they’d be well advised to enlist the services of a professional who has what it takes to create photos of distinction. While anyone can pick up a camera and take pictures of the bride and groom not everyone can skilfully capture the moment - from the look on the dad's face when he first sees his daughter as a bride to the groom's expression when he sees his bride for the first time. Not only is capturing the moment paramount to recording the special moments of a wedding day, the framing of the photos are vital too and making sure that the backgrounds are suitable and no-one's heads are chopped off! Only suitably qualified professionals should be charged which such an important task. From classic albums to storyboard and documentary style albums professional photographers have an artistry when it comes to capturing your special day.

Many brides and grooms have said that in looking for wedding photography and Video suppliers they have searched on the internet “near me” and found The Bridal File wedding directory which has excellent photograyhy and video wedding suppliers.

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Naturally, where marriage day photos are concerned, everyone will have their own ideas when it comes to what constitutes the perfect album, but irrespective of whether brides and grooms want to keep things traditional, or a loving couple want an album which leans towards the contemporary side of things, those who are in possession of true photographic genius can always be relied upon to deliver the goods. Identifying a premier videographer and wedding photographer UK that operates in counties like Surrey and Essex really isn’t too difficult these days and make no mistake, seeking out those who have honed their craft to perfection really is worth the effort. Creating true works of art is the whole raison d’ętre of those who live their lives behind the lens and at the end of the day, doesn’t every bride and groom yearn for an album which is bursting with artistic genius?

How to Pick a Wedding Photographer - Our Top Tips!

Your wedding day photographs will become a timeless and precious memoir that will stay with you for life! They hold priceless moments that you will share with friends, family, children and grandchildren over many decades so it's vital to choose your supplier wisely! Wedding photographer's offer different levels of service, costings and styles which are not always immediately apparent. It's therefore really important to take good time to research and meet a selection of your best prospects to ensure they are capable of capturing your dream wedding the way you want ... after all, they only get one shot!

To help you with your selection of wedding photographer, we have written some useful tips below!

Make sure you like your photographer You can have the best photographer in the world, but if you don't get on with them, it will really show up in your photographs and the outcome wont be great! You need to be comfortable and at ease with your wedding photographer. You will be with them throughout your wedding day, from the time you start getting ready through to the end of the night.