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Planning Tools

Take advantage of our Wedding Checklist, there to help guide you through the months leading up to your wedding day. Make full use of our Wedding Budget Planner to ensure you are on top of the finances and sticking to your budget!

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

With such a wide variety of wedding dress shapes available to the bride, it’s difficult to know which is which and what suits who. From dress shapes perfect for the tall and slim bride, to those ideal for the more curvaceous.

Key Questions

Weddings often require plenty of organisation, so to save you some work we’ve created a comprehensive list of questions to ask potential suppliers. Also don’t forget to use the “My Planner” tool and keep notes on the responses to these key questions.

Wedding Ceremony Options

There is a suprising amount of types of wedding cermonies to choose from, and it’s helpful to know how they differ and what arrangements need to be made beforehand, we’ve listed the most popular ceremonies along with a few details on what plans need be made and carried out.

First Dance Songs

One of the great romantic moments of your wedding day, the first dance can be wonderfully memorable for the bride and groom. We’ve come up with a great list of songs, from the traditional slow paced romantic numbers to some more cheeky, upbeat choices!