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Wedding videos have a bad reputation, huh! They remind us of watching endless hours of wobbly footage which somehow took all of the magic out of someone's magical day! At Our Wedding The Movie we try and BOTTLE that magic! In gorgeous, emotional, natural-feeling wedding MOVIES, shot in full HD - movies you'll want to watch again and again, rather than once every decade! In fact a lot of our customers are people who didn't want a 'wedding video' at all, but then saw our site or a friend's Movie and decided that a great wedding movie was as important as the Photographer! Unlike almost every other videography company around, film-making is our day job (we make films, TV and music videos for a living!) and we try to bring those skills to the world of the wedding video without breaking the bank. (We got married ourselves recently, so we know how expensive it all is!) Give us a call for a (no obligations!) chat or email us for prices and samples! Mark & Ju, OWTM :-))

Testimonials for Our Wedding The Movie Testimonials for Our Wedding The Movie
Georgina & Mitchell

"Our Wedding The Movie (OWTM) is AMAZING!!! If youíre planning on getting a videographer for your wedding, I would STRONGLY recommend OWTM. At first we couldnít decide whether to get a videographer, but now we realise this is a MUST for a wedding! Memories can fade and although you have brilliant looking pictures, they donít remind you of the words and emotions. The end result is amazing!"

Georgina & Mitchell